Purpose is how you win.

High performing brands see purpose as an action, not a declaration or a page on a website.


Marketing Mojo is grounded in the belief that there is a space where Purpose and Profit not only peacefully co-exist, but also play well in the sandbox together and sometimes even share toys.

When deployed in a truly authentic way, not a marketing campaign, but woven into the DNA of an enterprise and deeply embedded in its culture, purpose is how you win. It’s how you attract the next-gen of talent, over whom there will be fierce demand as they are the true digital natives. It’s the face of your future customer.

Today, we are at a generational transition crossroads, not just a fork in the road. Baby Boomers on to the golden years. GenX left with (hopefully) only a decade in front of them. The Millennials no longer “kids”, but solidly in the workplace and influencing the shape of things as we’ve known them. And enter GenZ, who today, in 2020, comprises 32% of the global population, covers 40% of all US consumers and influences $600B in family spending.

GenZ is interested in equality, safety, the environment and helping others. To them, purpose is paramount. They’ll pay a premium for it; they’ll never engage if it doesn’t exist. Purpose must encompass the triplex of social, functional and emotional benefits that impact both consumers and the greater good. That’s how you Mojo-fy your brand.

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