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Marketing Mojo is grounded in the belief that there is a space where Purpose and Profit not only peacefully co-exist, but also play well in the sandbox together and sometimes even share toys.

High performing brands see purpose as an action, not a declaration or just a page on their website or in the annual report. When deployed in a truly authentic way, that is not just how you market, but the underlying ethos woven into the DNA of an enterprise and deeply embedded in its culture, purpose is how you win.

The Mojo


Lisa Bowman’s drive to see her marketing strategy add overwhelming value and infuse purpose into to the operating model of her customers is as impressive as it is effective. She has an uncanny ability to see opportunity in the most difficult business challenges, then turn those opportunities into growth accelerating marketing strategies that narrow the psychological distance between the brand and the customer. It’s pure brilliance. That’s why, when we, as an ad agency needed to bring a little something “extra” (some Marketing Mojo if you will) to the table for our clients, we engaged her to help.

Kevin Steltz, SVP BVK Advertising

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